Hjelp for "behandlingsresistente"

A new study by Grant et al. (2012) indicates that for a fairly treatment resistant schizophrenia population hour long weekly cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) might help.

We learn that treatment resistant patients, when socially engaged for about one hour on a weekly basis, contrary to all expectations, actually improved over time. This runs contrary to our current understanding of prognosis and treatment response. We don't expect this patients to respond to anything, yet they do. We don't expect them to benefit from social interactions, yet they do. And the catalyst of change, surprisingly, is not some other pill but time spend week after week, with someone who cares and keeps engaging the patient not for a few minutes but for almost a full hours.

Les psykiatriprofessor Adrian Predas blogginnlegg Schizophrenia and CBT og Schizophrenia, Neuroleptics, and the Illusion of Treatment Resistance.

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