MindFreedom møter 'radikale psykiatere'

"When the Radical Psychiatrists tried to conduct the meeting with a presentation and discussion followed by dinner and drinks the activists got angry. David Oaks, from Mindfreedom, led the way by refusing to sit quietly while the Radical Caucus proceeded with business as usual. He stood up, he got angry, he yelled, he sang a song, he put on his red nose, and he pounded on the table."

"The psychiatrists in the room attempted to normalize the conversation and they became defensive and self-justifying. They talked about how we should all get along and treat each other with respect and with proper decorum. They complained that they were being misunderstood because they are trying hard, they really care, they don't want to hurt anybody, and they often feel they have no choice other than to use coercion and forced treatment, etc, etc. Some of the psychiatrists argued that there is scientific evidence to support forced treatment methods."


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