Svensk forskning på etikk i psykiatrien

Foto: Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net
The result ... confirms previous research findings that coercive care and measures are rarely seen by psychiatric staff as ethical issues, a result which we consider to be quite problematic. There seems to be a need for a more active leadership that focus on serious follow-ups of coercive measures, discuss with staff about possible negative consequences of coercive measures and of the importance of choosing the least restrictive alternative. This can be done by discussing these measures from an ethical perspective with systematic reflection on real cases with methods like moral case deliberation.

Staffs’ perceptions of the ethical landscape in psychiatric inpatient care: A qualitative content analysis of ethical diaries (abstract)

Rapport på svensk: På väg mot en värdebaserad psykiatri – ett utvecklingsprojekt kring etiska dilemmanoch värdegrundsarbete i psykiatrin

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