Jim Gottstein snakker om diagnoser

WHY PROTEST PSYCHIATRIC LABELS? *This* Saturday, 10 March 2012, at 2 pm ET [kl. 20.00 norsk tid]

MindFreedom Live Free Web Radio Next Guest: JIM GOTTSTEIN, Psychiatric Survivor Attorney Activist

Attorney, activist, psychiatric survivor JIM GOTTSTEIN, founder of the group PsychRights in Alaska, will be the guest on next Live Free MindFreedom Web Radio Call-in Show. Host is David Oaks. At that time (or listen later to archive) click here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/davidwoaks


Jim Gottstein of Alaska is president of PsychRights, a public interest law firm that has made waves to change the mental health system throughout the USA.

Jim is a psychiatric survivor and Harvard Law School Graduate (1978).

Since 2002, Jim has largely worked for free to support PsychRights efforts to stop forced psychiatric drugging, challenge psychiatric drug company fraud, and create humane alternatives in the mental health system.

Jim won international publicity by subpoenaing and then releasing thousands of documents about criminal fraud involving Eli Lilly and their psychiatric drug Zyprexa.

Jim is challenging psychiatric drugging of children and youth as Medicaid fraud.

Jim says, "People's constitutional rights to be free of psychiatric imprisonment, euphemistically called involuntary commitment and forced drugging and electroshock. How are these rights ignored as a matter of
course? What are strategies for combating it?"

Jim is also on the board of directors of National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy and International Society for Ethical Psychiatry and Psychology.

Jim will be speaking out against the harm of psychiatric labeling, at a protest on 5 May 2012 directly in front of the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in Philadelphia.

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